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Why Your Landscaping Package Should
Include Lawn Spraying

Why You Need Lawn Spraying

In the world of lawn care there is what we in the industry call “Biological Lawn Services.” These companies provide clients a variety of environmentally friendly chemicals to assist in the creation of a beautiful yard. Each one providing a slightly different benefit. The chemicals involved in lawn spraying include everything from treating fungus or grubs, to preventing weeds from germinating. All of these services come together to assist you in maintaining a healthy, and beautiful lawn.

The real question here is “why do you need lawn spraying in the first place?” To answer this, I’d have to say, you should consider the goals you have for your lawn. Ask yourself, “What do I want my lawn to look like at the end of the season?” This should give you a pretty good idea of what you are going to need to do to get there. Now that you have that idea, you can bring a lawn spraying company representative out to discuss the goals you have for your yard. This is how you can understand better, why you need lawn spraying, or biological lawn services.

I wouldn’t worry about knowing all the big names to all the different chemicals either, most specialist didn’t want to learn all those names either. But, the good thing is they know them, and what they can do for you.

Different Types of Lawn Spraying

What I’d like to do now is lightly go over the different types of lawn spraying, in an effort to give you an overall view of what to expect and look for when hiring a specialist. This should give you some idea of why and what you should include in your landscaping package.

Lawn Spraying

#1 - Fertilizer

Plants need food and water to survive, and grass is no different. It thrives on good nutrients in the soil, and proper nitrogen levels to give the blades of grass that deep green look. All of these things come from fertilizer.

When talking to your biological lawn company about assembling a landscaping package, you should consider adding fertilizer to your package. Usually applied in granule or liquid form fertilizer brings life to your grass and yard. Similar to taking a multi-vitamin for your own body, fertilizer provides a boost of nutrients to your grass to help it remain in a healthy state.

Just like with any living things, when it gets sick or is low on nutrients it loses its color. Your grass is no different. It needs a healthy blend of fertilizer to keep its beauty.

Just like with any good thing, fertilizer can be overused, and can burn your grass. Not with actual fire, but the potency of the fertilizer can overwork your grass (so to speak) and leave it looking dead. That is why I always recommend watering after your grass has been fertilized, or letting a good rain neutralize and soak it in.

Professional note: be wary of the professional who wants to fertilize more than four times a year. Three times is a great number, and two works, so one could be great. There’s no need to over-fertilize grass. Proper watering on a regular basis and treatment of diseases will give you the look you are wanting.

#2 - Insecticide

A long word that is particularly fun to say, but necessary for most yards is Insecticide. Many grasses are prone to attract different bugs or insects to its roots. These bugs cannot be simply dug out of your yard, and you certainly can’t put up a sign saying, “Go Away.” So what can you do?

Your lawn care specialist can provide you with a landscaping package that includes a lawn spraying of insecticide. Usually, the specialist will review your yard for unsightly areas, before analyzing the areas for different insects. Once they establish what insect is causing the issue, they will then recommend an insecticide treatment to handle it.

Insect prevention is also something to look into as well. Most lawn care specialist will provide you with a few options to prevent bugs from getting to the roots of your grass. These insecticide prevention methods will go a long way to keeping your yard fresh and green all the time.

Insects can creep up on you, in more ways than one, so it’s critical to have someone examining your grass on a regular basis to check for intruders. Catching them early can prevent the long recovery process of an unsightly dead spot in your yard.

#3 - Herbicide

This isn’t a herb taking its own life, or one herb taking another herbs life, herbicide is a way of killing those unwanted grasses in your yard. Lawn care specialist take great care to apply herbicides to your yard to kill weeds. This is usually a direct application to the weed, but can also be spread as a full yard spray if your yard has a large amount of weeds present.

It’s important to note here, herbicides are not the ideal way to go. It’s much better to allow you specialist to treat your yard with a weed germination prevention application in late winter, and early spring. This keeps new weeds from coming up in the first place, which will give you ahealthy more consistent look.

Herbicides are meant to directly treat the weeds that have already came up in your yard. Usually, if you are just now hiring a professional, they will want to get your yard under control. This means using herbicides to treat the infestation of weeds, as well as fertilizing to assist your current grass in reclaiming the areas now overtaken with weeds. Sounds like something from a war movie, but it’s actually not that violent, and in the end can be very rewarding.

Why You Should Hire a Professional For Lawn Spraying

If you like wearing rubber boots, and rubber gloves while mixing different herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers together you might have a future in biological lawn services. If not, you may want to consider these very important reasons for hiring a professional to do your lawn spraying for you.

Lawn Spraying Chemicals Can Be Dangerous for Your Health

Herbicides didn’t receive it’s name because it was cute and cuddly, it’s meant to cause harm to a certain type of plant or weed. As such, working with these types of chemicals can be dangerous if you’re not careful. You need to know what you’re doing, and you need to have a lot of respect towards each type of chemical.

It’s easy to think you could spread the chemicals on the yard like your local biological specialist may do in your neighborhood. But there is more to spraying lawns than just the action of spraying, you also need to be aware of how these biological components can effect you physically.

Just like with any type of poison for any type of pest, it’s always best to use as instructed, and don’t eat the stuff, obviously. But there are other things too; like, wearing the proper gloves, masks, and boots when applying them. You also don’t want to wear your tennis shoes while applying them, and then walk into your house. Especially, if you have small children or pets. It may not seem like a bid deal, but small slip-ups can cause unwanted results. I’m not trying to scare you as much as I’m trying help you gain a certain amount of respect to how these focused
chemicals can be unhealthy.

Lawn Spraying

Runoff From Lawn Spraying Can be Dangerous to the Environment if Done Incorrectly

When you are using certain fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides, you always need to think about where the run off is going to. It’s easy to think your yard won’t have that great of an impact on the environment, but like they say, we all have to do our part. This means, properly applying the chemicals, and giving them plenty of water. This allows the soil to properly filter out the contaminants before going into the cities water supply.

If you are an amateur applicator, you can easily miss a step, and end up accidentally
washing chemicals down the city’s public water system.

This is why I say, leave this to the professionals. It’s much better to have someone trained in proper application, and licensed to both handle and apply these chemicals. They can provide you with the proper information as well as apply the chemicals in a way that nature can properly filter out the contaminates before draining into the water supply.

It might not seem like much, but every little bit adds up. We all use the public water system for everyday use, and so it’s important each one of us does our part to keep it clean.

If you have questions on this topic, there are many online public resources that have library of information for everyday people.

Can Prevent the Over-Application of Chemicals

This last reason is just as important as the rest. Often, as Americans, we can feel like more is better. This way of thinking can run over (pun intended) into applying chemicals to our yards. Asking yourself, “What will I do with the extra chemicals?” Is an important one. Choosing to dump it just anywhere can feel like a waste, not to mention it can be dangerous for the environment.

Because of this feeling of waste, you may be tempted to apply the rest of your chemicals to your yard. After all, if a little bit of herbicide will kill the weeds fast, then more will kill them even faster. This same dangerous thinking can be applied to fertilizer, and insecticides.

Hiring a professional who can properly dispose of extra chemicals, can prevent the overapplication of them on your yard. It will also prevent you from thinking you wasted chemicals by throwing them away, or hurt the environment by pouring them out somewhere.

This may seem like a small thing, but it is a rising issue across America, as more people decide to do things themselves. Like we talked about earlier, applying too much fertilizer can burn your grass up. It almost acts as an herbicide only to your healthy grass. This is why the proper amounts have to be applied. If you hire a professional and they accidentally over apply, they will be the ones to ensure your grass get’s replaced.

Lawn Spraying


The use of biological resources to treat your grass is a very powerful tool, and just like anything with great power, with it comes great responsibility. We’ve discussed some pretty serious responsibilities we undertake when applying chemicals ourselves. Sometimes we can feel like hiring a professional to do our lawn spraying is costly, but I hope you see the seriousness of the responsibility that comes from doing it yourself.

If you are still set on doing it yourself, I urge you to follow the instructions carefully, and treat the chemicals with great respect, both to yourself and to the environment. On a lighter note, a professional can design a landscape package that can give you just the right amount of fertilizer, insecticide, and herbicide to get your lawn in shape, and keep it that way. Then, when the weekend comes around, and you want to sit outside in the cool of the morning, drink a cup of coffee and swish your toes in the grass, you will be ready to do so. I hope this guide has given you some great information, as well as provided you with some things to think about, and wish you the best in hiring a lawn care specialist. 

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