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Why You Should Invest in
Landscape Maintenance Services

Investing in Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape maintenance is always that thing a lot of people dread. Let’s face it, working outdoors in the heat of summer can be tough. Investing in landscape maintenance services has several rewards, even though it might be a struggle deciding whether paying a professional or doing it yourself would make more sense. Today, we’re going to look at some reasons why you should invest in landscape maintenance services through a professional.

Landscape Maintenance Services Can Help Increase the Value of Your Home

For a moment we are going to excuse the multiple reasons for keeping your landscape maintained that involve thinking of your neighbors. We all know your neighbors have to look at your landscape, and of course, we know they want to look at something nice. Not to mention the community looks great when people maintain their landscapes. Right now, we’re talking about how it increases your home’s value. There are a few ways this happens.

Welcomes New Buyers to Your Home

The first is welcoming new buyers to view your home. Perhaps you’ve heard (when trying to sell your home) about how to prepare the inside for pictures to be taken by the realtor. You might also have heard about cleaning up the outside of your home, and sprucing up your landscape. Realtors call this “Curb Appeal.” It basically means, when driving by the home, or from the curb the house has appeal. You could also see this as a first impression of the home.

Landscape Maintenance Services

More Eyes on Your Home

Imagine you’re looking for a house to buy, and you’ve scrolled through hundreds of listings. Most of the time you will stop on a listing that catches your eye. Are you seeing the connection? Your landscape could be the difference in more people looking at your home.

Improve Selling Price of Home

What’s that mean to you? Every realtor knows, the more views you get, both on your listing, and in-person the more offers you receive. This can allow you to get the price you want, or more. This is the primary reason to invest in landscape maintenance services. Realtors around the country agree, a great landscape can improve the selling price of your home by as much as thirteen percent.

Your Property Will Be More Visually Appealing if Maintained by a Professional

Keeping in mind, there may be people who know how to professionally maintain their landscape, and have the tools required to do so, we are going to pick apart why a professional should be your choice. Our goal here is to introduce you to some ideas, and thoughts to help you make your own choice.

Professional Landscapers Can See Things The Average Person Doesn't

Landscapers often chat with people who are not in the market for landscape services. These people rarely will tell you, “I think my landscape is terrible” unless they realize they are talking to a professional. It’s not because professional landscapers are arrogant, it’s because they know a professional can see things you would never see. Mostly because they work on hundreds, if not thousands of homes every year. If they are accomplished, they can provide practical, and simple ways to improve your look and lower the cost of your maintenance as well. When you look through the eyes of a professional you see things differently. This is the same for any profession.

Landscape Maintenance Services Result in a Regular Schedule

The other thing to keep in mind is a professional keeps a regular schedule. This means, you’re not likely to miss a week or so and have overgrown grass. There will never be years that go by where you didn’t really have time to trim the shrubs, or chop back that ornamental grass. Things can quickly get out of hand, and you may have to have it all torn out and start over. We all get busy on things that are important to us. By hiring a professional you can forget about it, and focus on the things that matter to you. In the end when it comes time to sell your home, you can revisit the look of your home, and you will be pleased with what you see.

Landscape Maintenance Services Save You From Buying The Tools Required to Do the Job Yourself

 It’s not like you couldn’t get the tools, learn to use them and maintain them. But often lawn maintenance tools can become a bother, leaving you with more time spent maintaining tools than maintaining your yard and landscape. 

Landscape Maintenance Services

Lawn Mowing is Just One Example of Landscape Maintenance

Lawn mowers can be upwards of two-thousand dollars and usually, if you have purchased a residential grade lawn mower, you can expect them to last a year, maybe two if you care for them properly. On the other hand, professional landscape services can cost you about the same price and you don’t have to spend your Saturday performing the tasks.

You are also getting the skills from the company, caring for your landscape in the right way. The landscape marketplace is ripe with all sorts of new tools, from battery powered weed-eaters, to robotic lawn mowers. This is good and bad, as it can make it more difficult to pick which new machine is better. The real question is are you saving money by investing in a pro instead of purchasing the tools, and it really depends on the size of your landscape, and what sorts of things you enjoy doing.

Spend Time Outside Doing What You Enjoy Instead of Spending Time Maintaining Your Landscape

You are more likely to spend time outside if your yard is well maintained. It’s like your dinner table; if it’s covered in stuff, it’s unlikely you will spend much time eating at the table. Your yard is no different. It’s better if it’s clean and neat, this makes the environment more appealing. We may even go so far as to say, a professional can arrange your yard and landscape to make it more enjoyable. Your yard is similar to another room of your house. It is an outdoor environment.

Beautiful Landscaping Creates "Outdoor Rooms"

Professional landscape designers refer to areas of the outside of your home as “outdoor rooms.” Everything from your patio area where you sit or entertain, to
your service area where you keep garbage cans. All of these areas you will enjoy more if they are professionally maintained. Of course it is possible you may be able to accomplish the same thing on your own. But, unless your home all the time, it’s unlikely you will want to spend the time you do have maintaining your landscape in a way that makes the environment something you would enjoy.

Of course, you always have the person who enjoys working on their landscape, and if
that’s you, I still would recommend a professional handle getting you on the right track, and handling the big stuff. It’s simply a good investment.

A Professional is More Likely to Notice Problems With Your Home or Landscape

This is true for every trade. The reason is experience. Professional landscapers know what can happen if the run off of your roof continues to drill the side of your patio. They’ve seen the end results of that stuff. Drainage is just one of the many things they could notice. Addressing problems early is important as it can save you on costly home renovation projects in the future.

Problems Don't Develop Overnight

It’s easy for someone who doesn’t have the experience to walk around their home and think to themselves “I think I’ve addressed everything.” What’s strange, in our experience working on homes, we find you are less likely to notice an issue just
because you are around it all the time. Most landscape problems are not created overnight, they slowly become issues. Because of this you may not notice them slipping up on you until you are calling a professional to have them repaired.

Landscape Maintenance Services Can Unveil Hidden Problems

Experts have common things they look for on every home. Mistakes, and issues they see all the time. A great example of this is your sprinkler system. If your system comes on in the early morning, you may never notice it spraying one of your windows, or the wall on an out door shed. Professionals know to check the spray on irrigation systems to ensure they haven’t come loose in the ground, or have been bumped by a mower. This can cause them to spray outside their intended area and create rot on your home or outdoor buildings.

Landscape Maintenance Services Often Include Pest Control

These types of services often include resources you don’t have. Part of those resources
is knowledge and experience, things a professional can bring to the table. More often than not, experience is the key difference in saving money when it comes to landscaping services. There are other resources as well, things like spreaders, and the appropriate bait traps for the pest you’re pursuing. There are many types of pest and ensuring you have to right tool for the job can make the difference in how long you want to spend with that pest.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Professional Knowledge of Environment and Pests

Pest control requires a knowledge of bugs, as well as the environments they enjoy. Professional Landscapers can tell you areas where bugs could be at in the future. This type of information is difficult to put a price on. Another money saving opportunity is found in package services. A lot of landscape companies are offering great discounts for packaging their services. You may get them to treat your yard, and treat for pest at the same time. Plus you could take advantage of their other services to help with your landscape maintenance. This can save you a lot of money in the end.

Landscape Maintenance Services are Not an Expense, They are an Investment

It’s easy to think of landscape maintenance services as just another expense you signed up for when you chose to become a homeowner. But, it’s so much more than that, it’s an investment. An investment into time spent outdoors, maintaining the value of your home, and being a contributor to the beauty of your community. We all know that person on the block who seems to have their landscape as the lowest item on their to-do list. It’s best to think about landscape maintenance as a community effort, one that also brings value to you and your home.

It seems everyone these days is talking about raising the quality of their life. Nature can be the most relaxing, and enjoyable places to spend your time. Let’s make that time the best through investing in a professional to handle those details. Plus, it’s critical to that you consider your landscape as a living thing. It requires regular attention for survival, and most importantly it’s growing. Which means while you’re busy working, it’s still growing, and when you don’t have time to mess with it, it’s still growing. Investing in a professional can bring satisfaction to your life, by resting in the knowledge your landscape isn’t going to get out of hand while you are focusing on the things that really matter in life.

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