White Shovel Landscapes

White Shovel

F. A. Q.s

Answers to Popular and Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long have you been landscaping in Huntsville, AL?
    -Since 2009

  • Does your company offer low maintenance landscaping?
    -Yes, all the plants we use have been tested before installation. Therefore allowing us to provide our clients with the lowest maintenance.

  • How much do you charge to design a home?
    -Our complete design process is FREE to you. Once completed, you can purchase it from us for $300, or choose to have it installed by one of our install teams and pay nothing for the design.

  • Do you do residential landscapes?
    -Yes, we currently serve all homes of all sizes.

  • Do you offer free estimates on drainage issues?
    -Yes, we can diagnose the problem as well as install the drain system needed to correct the issue.

  • Do you show up on time if I schedule an appointment, I’m busy?
    -We have dedicated Designer/Estimators to serve you, therefore we can guarantee on-time appointments and communication of our location.

  • I’ve heard you offer a Photo Design Service? What is that exactly?
    -Photo Design is where our designers take photos of your home, and then through a photo editing process, they show you what your home would look like with a new landscape. This truly exciting process can give you insight into new possibilities for low maintenance and beauty.