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Seal The Deal With
Curb Appeal

Sure, we’ve all heard it; “Curb Appeal!” The two magic words everyone talks about when they are considering selling their home. It’s easy to talk about, and sure it sounds good and everything, but what is it and how can you seal the deal with curb appeal? Better yet, “What can it do for my home?” It sure seems hard to believe a few plants in the front of the house could raise the value of the property enough to actually make a difference.

I‘d really like to dig into this one, because I feel it’s something which is easily misconstrued. Which is a shame seeing how much easier it is to seal the deal with a good case of curb appeal when drawing attention to your home.

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Curb Appeal.
Worth 1000+ Words

This is another phrase you might be semi-familiar with, you may have possibly noticed the use of pictures assisting in the communication of one thing or another. Perhaps you’ve even looked at pictures of landscaping on Pinterest. Maybe you’ve noticed landscapes which seem to stick out more than others. This is how you seal the deal, this is your“Curb Appeal.” 

In the world of home buying, landscaping plays a key role in communicating one particular thing.



Just think, if you could put a giant sign out in front of your home before you sold it, what would it say? If a giant “Buy Now!” sign wasn’t so tacky, you might just do it. But the sign would hardly be able to communicate a thousand words. This is why we use landscaping, your chance to let your home do the talking for you.

First Impressions Anyone?

A great landscape design can provide a welcoming first impression of your home. Let’s face it, when you’re shopping for a new home, sometimes it’s like digging around for something you like. You’re sort of looking for something to catch your eye, but you don’t have a set plan yet. 


Just imagine for a second you are scrolling through an endless number of homes sent over to you by your realtor. All of a sudden your fingers stop! This house is different, the home seems to be dressed well, and somehow very appealing. Could this be the well designed landscape flattering the home? More times than not, the answer is a resounding “YES!” Keeping in mind that your yard is your first impression to every person who drives by, let’s chat about what a bad landscape design can do. 

Other Side of the
Curb Appeal Fence

Anyone who has owned or rented a home with a yard can tell you that your landscape can be a chore all on its own. Keeping up with your yard can become more than a hassle if you don’t design it correctly. This can lead to one neglecting their landscape and allowing it to become overgrown and unkempt. Firstly, this gives a bad impression of your home’s state. Secondly, some landscapes can actually cause damage to your property if allowed to run rampant. Finally, the more the tangle grows wild, the more effort will be required to tame it. 


Keep in mind that when one is trying to sell a house, the first thing people see is the yard. Before the house is even considered, the yard will speak volumes about the internal state of the home. A well-kempt yard is a display of skilled caretaking and pride in ownership. This translates very well to potential buyers, especially those who come packing experience. It’s kind of like buying a car, if you see rust on the panels you probably won’t make the purchase. With houses, if there’s lions hiding in the landscape, then you’re in for a struggle with the jungle.

More Eyes = More Offers!

This is what leads us to having a great landscape design, one which flatters your home. A landscape design that sets your home apart from every other home listed in the area. This is the line drawn in the sand, the beginning of the best. If you could get one hundred people to look at the inside of your home, it’s possible you may get ten offers on it. It’s also possible these offers would all be average. Some of them might even be considered good. However, you more than likely won’t get the offer that you’re looking for.


Honestly, most people selling their homes would love to get 10 people to stop and look at the inside of their home they are selling. Especially in times like these.


In this world of online shopping, landscaping your home can be THE driving force in getting more eyes inside your home. This inevitably leads to more offers made on your home. In addition to more offers, you generate a special demand for your home. This can lead to more attention to your property, and more chances to connect with the highest bidder.

Cut Back For
Curb Appeal's Sake

Now that we’ve touched base a bit on curb appeal and its importance, it’s time to get down to the dirty part. The part about how to tame that jungle that’s in the front yard, scaring all the neighbors and housing the local lions. You can either check out our blogs about what tree lopping is and the ultimate guide to grass cutting, or you can take a look further below for information of its own kind.

  • Grass Cut Correctly:
  • – Cut your grass about every two weeks during growing seasons, unless rain allows for extensive growth rates. For bare feet friendly grass, keep it ~2’’ or so. Keep in mind, the shorter your grass is, the easier it is to see imperfections. Think of golf courses.  

  • Trees & Shrubs Trimmed:
  • – Keep your trees trimmed, and your shrubs shapely. Flat cuts overgrow quickly, so rounded or uneven designs hide imperfections the easiest. When lopping a tree, use sharp tools and don’t cut too close to the trunk or main branch.  

  • Beautify With Edging & Borders:
  • – Edging and borders not only make your yard look wonderful, but they help with many issues. Weed control, landscape maintenance, as well as drainage issues can be taken care of with the correct edging.

    What Does Curb Appeal
    Mean to You?

    Now You Can Seal The Deal With Curb Appeal

    Hopefully you see how this can mean you could receive more money for your home and landscape maintenance. All of this information is very powerful if used correctly. However, this is only a fraction of what proper landscaping can do for you and your home. 

    I hope this helps, feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what curb appeal means to you. 

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