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About Us

Micaiah Bussey definitely fits into the category of a self-made man.

He’s done construction, vinyl siding and other outdoor work, but things really started to gel when he started a lawn business – purely mowing grass. It wasn’t long before customers asked Micaiah to move shrubs and began to seek his opinion on landscape design.

It took a while, but that “a-ha” moment finally arrived, setting into motion research into the concept of being something in between “a lawn guy” and a full service landscaper. And so, the White Shovel concept started to take shape.

Micaiah set out to learn everything he could about landscape design. He started by taking classes and picked up quite a lot of information but was surprised that these courses didn’t include computer-oriented processes. He took all the content he had learned, sorted it out and over the course of three years, created a unique process that closes sales – the White Shovel business model.

Presently, there are White Shovel locations in Alabama and North Carolina.

Now, Micaiah is prepared to branch out by offering the White Shovel opportunity to franchisees.

Isaac Bussey

My name is Isaac Bussey, I’m the Sales, and Training Director for White Shovel Systems Corp. I enjoy tinkering with new experiments, and hanging out with my kid in my spare time.

I have been with Micaiah since the beginning of the sales process. Micaiah hired me with this harsh disclaimer about how hard it would be to learn, and how he thought I could handle it. It was a new challenge, and I was eager to see where it would take me.

A few weeks of intense training, and I had become the first successful sales person for White Shovel. Over the next few years I worked hand in hand pioneering the new sales position. I’ve been in the worst and the best of client situations, and now I’m here to help you.

I work directly with new franchisees and veterans helping them to perfect their craft and be as profitable as possible. I look forward to working with you in your new exciting venture with White Shovel Systems Corp.

My name is Billy Bussey, I am a Child of God, husband, and father of six. Before entering into photo design I had just lost my job and was preparing to be married, I was in desperate need to make some money. I called Micaiah and had a conversation with him about what I could do.

At the time, Micaiah was still building the key systems for White Shovel. He asked me if I would like to replicate what he was doing and create my own landscape company. I was intrigued, so I said “yes”.
After 7 years and some great success on my end. Micaiah called me considering franchising, and starting a second location in Nashville TN. After a few conversations, I proposed the idea to run a Charlotte location, and take a position in the new Franchise company. That’s where it started. Integrate my customer service, sales, and construction background with my five years running a subsidiary of
White Shovel and you have a serious asset to the newly formed franchise team.
Now I lead the design department for all our existing sites, as well as the franchises. I enjoy working with new people and designing. My team and I are dedicated to helping you succeed in your new White Shovel.
In my spare time, I enjoy building things with my kids and doing some homesteading. Working with White Shovel has been a real blessing, and I’m looking for more years to come

My name is Irene Daniels, and I’ve been working with Micaiah since almost the very beginning, and I am the original founder of the Design Department. I enjoy homeschooling my kids, and working with video and presentation things with my husband. 

Back when Micaiah first started the company was growing, and he had less and less time to design for clients. He did have this idea for a few people that worked from home and designed landscapes using the White Shovel Design System. Knowing he had little time to teach me, he provided me with a stern disclaimer for how difficult it was going to be to make it happen. I was ready to work from home, and eager to take on the challenge. So, we went at it, and it was real work. In the end, we built an incredible design program, and the design department has become something official, that is now a part of our franchise program. 

When Micaiah asked me if I wanted to be a part of the franchise part of the company, I was a little clueless as to the role he needed me to fill, but was once again excited for the challenge. 

I now am the Senior Director for online, and software management, in other words, who knows first if anyone on the team has a technical problem. I enjoy the new challenge, and I get to work side by side with the Research and Development team. 

I’m looking forward to working with you if you choose to begin an exciting future owning a White Shovel franchise.