White Shovel Landscapes

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

We take our clients' health very seriously.


Here at White Shovel, Inc we pride ourselves in customizing our appointments to fit each of our clients.

To do that we offer a few different options for our appointments, at your request.


1. When you talk to your designer to schedule your first appointment, please feel free to request that he or she wear a mask for the entire appointment.


2. Your first appointment always takes place outdoors, and social distancing guidelines are  easily followed.


3. We love spending time with our clients and talking with them face to face, however we understand in these unprecedented times, the desire to limit these moments. So instead of our typical three face to face appointments, at your request, we can follow up with you with the final two appointments, using a webinar meeting, that is very user friendly. This allows you to see what your landscape could look like digitally, while limiting face to face meetings.


4. If you choose to have us install your new landscape design, our crews are well briefed on the landscape you choose, and are very diligent to maintain proper social distancing while they are beautifying your garden beds.

We look forward to meeting you and we wish you all health and wellness in these difficult times.

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