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Plants that look pretty are one thing, but plants that repel mosquitoes AND look pretty are something else entirely. In fact, most of these plants have even more uses than just physical appearance and pest disappearance. Take a few moments to browse through this helpful list. Below you will find out what plants that repel mosquitoes can do for you and your yard.
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Many things that smell great to humans, may smell awful to other creatures, especially those that breathe differently. Most insects breathe through spiracles, while most spiders breathe through what you call book lungs. Both of these groups of creatures are sensitive to many types of smells that humans are not. This can be used as an advantage when trying to keep yourself and your home free of these and similar pests. To begin, all you need is a few plants around the house.

3 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes By Themselves

These are the plants that truly repel mosquitoes. However, there is a finite area that these plants affect, and their effectiveness is limited even further by season and health of the individual plant. There are also many types of mosquito, with each having their own biological differences in weaknesses as well as preferences. Similarly with mint and ants, certain types of mosquitoes may actually be unbothered by some of these plants that repel mosquitoes. The only way to know for sure is to do your research by identifying your pest, or planting your next garden.

1: Marigold Plants, More Than Gold Plants

First on the list of plants that repel mosquitoes by themselves is the marigold plant. Unlike most mosquito repelling plants, marigolds have an area of effect without having to be mashed, mangled, or burnt to a crisp. Marigolds are one of the best looking plants to keep in the garden due to their many use cases. Not only are they good at repelling mosquitoes, but they also repel nematodes and other parasites that could harm your garden. Keep in mind that experts have busted the myth that they keep deer and rabbits away. Even with the debunked deer myth, marigolds are still a great plant to keep around the house.

2: Peppermint & Other Mint Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Peppermint plants, as well as some other minty cousins, are great plants that repel mosquitoes. Mint plants in general do a great job at warding off many flying pests just by being there. In addition to planted areas having less mosquitoes, you can crush up mint leaves to increase its effectiveness. As with marigolds, peppermint has an attractive look to it as well as having culinary applications. Peppermint plants are plants that repel mosquitoes that can even be used as aromatherapy, as well as many other homemade remedies for IBS and other issues.

3: Working with Wormwood Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Third on the list of plants that repel mosquitoes by themselves is common wormwood. Wormwood is last on the area of effect list because of its semi-taboo associations with alcohol, making some people stray from it. However, it is a great plant and shouldn’t be shunned so quickly. Wormwood has many uses, ranging from ornamental to medical. Even though it is known better for treating upset stomachs, wormwood also has the ability to repel some species of mosquito. Repellent is obtained just by planting this unique plant around your yard, or you can rub it on you in the form of a pulp or extract for even greater mosquito repelling effect.

10 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes With a Little Help

Now we get to the part that most places try to get past you. Yes, there are a ton of plants that have mosquito repelling properties, but there’s more to it than just that. Below you will find a list of plants that can repel mosquitoes, but they need to be mashed, pulped, or burnt to get efficient use from them. Here you will find those popular citronella scented grasses that come in the box from the superstores. In addition to the popular plants, you will find a few unorthodox plants that you may not even have heard of. Take a look and see what you can dig up to annoy those mosquitoes right back!

1: Bug Bashing with Basil

Basil is a terrifically beneficial plant to have around the house, especially if you have issues with repelling mosquitoes. All one has to do to reap the rewards of basil’s benefits is to cut up some leaves and rub them on your skin. Easy as that folks, then feel free to drop it in your drink for a nice refreshing nip on a hot day if you like. Not only can you repel mosquitoes with basil leaves, but you can add them to a variety of food and drink to increase their palatable appeal. Additionally, burning the basil is an option for both aromatic appeal and insect repellent. However, burning basil will result in a good amount of smoke, so do so using safe precautions if venturing down this route. You can learn how to dry basil leaves, and other information about basil in our basil based blog.

2: Play Around with Catnip Plants

If you have cats, then you’re in for a wonderful surprise! Catnip plants, as well as catmint varieties, have a surprisingly effective mosquito repelling characteristic. According to the American Chemical Society, catnip might be an even more effective mosquito repellent than DEET. This means less bug bites for you, as well as your furry feline friends! This can be taken advantage of by mashing up some catnip plants and rubbing the juices in general areas of exposed skin, then give your kitty a pet for being such a good pet.

3: Keep Mosquitoes Down Under with Eucalyptus Plants

Eucalyptus plants are originally from down under, but they can help you rise above your mosquito problems. The oil of the lemon eucalyptus plants is such an effective mosquito repellent that the CDC has it listed on its website as a great way to keep yourself bite and zika fright free. You can buy sprays that contain oil from lemon eucalyptus plants, or you can make your own solutions if you have a eucalyptus in your yard. However, due to its toxicity it is not advised to do so without the proper training.

4: Garlic, Plants That Kill

According to some sources garlic can straight up kill mosquitoes. This is fortunate, except for the fact that mosquitoes have to eat garlic in order to die from it, and it doesn’t really repel them all that much. Even if you were to rub garlic plants or bulbs all over your arms, you wouldn’t get the desired effect. This goes the same for eating garlic, the mosquitoes won’t really care about whether or not you ate that extra clove. Overall, garlic is not an effective way to repel mosquitoes, but can be mixed with sugars and other attractants to serve as a natural pesticide.

5: Mosquito Repelling Mums

Mums are beautiful plants that serve humanity beautifully in the chemical world. Many organic pesticides use pyrethrum, which is derived from chrysanthemum plants. This helpful chemical can serve as a mosquito repellent when in a concentrated form. This means that even though your mums won’t save you from the mosquitoes, their cousins might have made something that can. Even though it has yet to be proven, some folks even say that mums provide a small area of protection from mosquitoes.

6: Lantana Plants, Latin Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Lantana plants have a highly effective, but short lived, mosquito repellent that has little to no negative effect on most humans. This effect is gained when combining lantana plant extracts with a coconut oil base. The product of this combination is a possible widespread replacement for many short-lived mosquito repellents. Sadly, this effect does not come from just having them growing in a nearby garden.

7: E-Lemon-ating Mosquitoes with Lemongrass Plants

Lemongrass plants are the plants that repel mosquitoes that are usually seen in the local supermarket in a small box that has “REPELS MOSQUITOES” all over it. Yes, these plants contain citronella, but they aren’t able to repel mosquitoes without being burnt or mashed. Unfortunately, companies get away with it because they aren’t lying, just misleading. However, even if you do pulp it and rub the oils on yourself, the mosquito repelling qualities are short lived at best.

8: Rosemary Really Does Block Bugs

The Almanac mentions that rosemary is a great method of pest control for quite a few bugs. It even lists that when burnt on the grill, it can repel mosquitoes, as well as flies, for a wide area. In addition to method, the Almanac correctly suggests the time to really heap on the rosemary. Once dusk starts drawing in, toss some more rosemary on your firepit and breathe a little better and itch a little less.

9: Thyme to Repel Mosquitoes

Thyme is another great plant to have around the house for various reasons. Not only is it a great accenting spice, but it is rumored to be good for pest control as well. According to some sources, thyme repels whiteflies, hornworms, and even some types of earworms. With these sources in mind, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to put some sprigs of thyme in your garden. If it works, you now have a healthy defense against a variety of pests. At worst, you have a new stock of refreshing spices for the season. Lemon thyme is reported to be the best species for repelling mosquitoes.

10: Very Effective Vanilla

Last but not least we have the amazingly vanilla plant. A home remedy for mosquito repellent in many southern states is a dabbing of diluted vanilla onto the skin. This has been a tried and true method of repelling mosquitoes, they simply just don’t like the stuff. The Hunker team has even put out a simple guide on how to make your own mosquito repellent. This is probably one of the safest methods of mosquito repellent that is on the market these days. Sometimes it is even sold in small, pre-made spray bottles that you can buy in stores or online during mosquito season.

So Many Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

With such a wide world of plants, bushes, and bugs, there’s almost a new discovery made daily of interactions between species. That in mind, it’s easy to realize that there are countless ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes, each having their own strength and weakness. Keep in mind that even though many of these plants and techniques are effective, there is no 100% cure. Not even pure DEET can repel every mosquito 100% of the time.
These mosquito repellent techniques are here as substitutes, or additions, to one’s regular mosquito repelling routines. Which can be better for those who use it, and the environment they live and play inThe only way to truly keep safe is to stay indoors, but not everyone can, or even wants to do that. However, you can add to your organic regiment with other safety precautions when messing with mosquitoes. Take a look below for some additional, non-plant related ways to tell those pesky mosquitoes to bug off!

Avoid Mosquito Heavy Times: Sunrise and sunset are mosquito prime times.

Know Your Species: Did you know there are more than 3000 species of mosquito? Each one has their one likes and dislikes.

Cover Naked Skin: Protective clothing will greatly reduce your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes.

Use Fans: Mosquitoes aren’t great flyers, so keep your area breezy and life will be a little more easy.

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Mums, Marigolds, & Wormwoods Are Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Too!

When it comes to plants that repel pests, there’s a few that rise above the others in terms of effect. Most of the plants in this guide require activation via physical manipulation or heat, but there’s a few that don’t require any assistance. These types of plants that repel mosquitoes are the primary focus. However there is still coverage of those that require additional measures to get the most use out of them. Thank you for viewing this guide and please check out a few of our other blogs now that you’ve read about plants that repel mosquitoes. Brought to you by the best landscapers Huntsville, Alabama has to offer.