I wasn’t quite sure what was going on! It was late April, on a beautiful summer day, I was sitting on the back deck with a young lady. I was showing her the designs I had put together for her front yard. Back then we didn’t use iPads to show designs, we had actual pictures printed and brought them to your home. She was looking at the photos, where I had designed a few different ideas for a landscape across the front of her home.

She was stunned, and began to cry. I was still new to our design process, and of course I hadn’t seen everything, but this was new for me. I asked her if everything was OK, to which she replied “YES!” These are just so beautiful, I never imagined it could be so nice.

This was my first experience in “art.” Art to me was something that grabbed a persons heart, it was something so beautiful and so personal you couldn’t help but stare.

Landscape design has become a passion for White Shovel, we long to see our clients eyes light up, and smiles come across their face. Our design process consist of 3 different appointments, each one is meant to learn more about the client, and build something they would love.

The first appointment is meant to interview the client, and their landscape. We want to know what you really like, and most of the time our clients don’t really know what they like. This takes work on the part of the designer, and we have to ask just the right questions. We want to reveal to ourselves as well as to you what you would love to see. We also interview your landscape, we check and recheck. What’s going to be practical, and beautiful. What’s going to give you pleasure, as well as be easy to maintain.

The second appointment is all about looking at the ideas we came up with. We want to show you the things which we thought, were what you would love. Showing you what we were thinking based on what we thought you were thinking. It’s a fun process, and it gives you the opportunity to say what you like, and what you do not like.

The third appointment is where we discuss the cost for installation if you choose to go that route. It shows you how the plants will be laid out, and how many of each plant you will need. It also will show you different options and packages for installation. Most people don’t realize this, but landscaping can be installed small and you can watch it grow. This saves you a lot of money. You can also install it large and enjoy it in a more immediate fashion.

All three steps are necessary components, however, a client may choose to just take the photos on the second appointment and install the landscape themselves.

We live to serve, and design, and we hope to see you soon.